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Within CCC there is a batch of young movers and shakers who are transforming the multimedia world with their amazing creative skills in content creation. Highly trained and talented, these techno-savvy professionals bring to their jobs a deep sense of enthusiasm that motivates them to develop innovative and practical solutions to meet market needs of the new millennium.

CCC, the Think Tank of the Limkokwing University, is structured into three departments: Website, Film & TV and Animation. Each of the unit is supported by a team which specializes in their chosen expertise to ensure high quality output that measure up to industry standards.

In a sophisticated industry like the multimedia, the greatest asset is the creative mind which is the source of ideas and dreams. What is also essential is passion, dedication to transform and animate the ideas into realities for the benefit of the industry and nation.

Fortunately, CCC is a land mine of more than ideas and strategies. At its disposal are some of the most advanced facilities and equipment of its kind. and a design library that is the largest in the region. In addition to its own team of experts, CCC has access to students, lecturers and other professionals on the campus who are able to contribute to CCC’s quest for excellence.