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The Process Chart outlines the stage-by-stage development of the project. Before work begins, a written campaign proposal, if requested, is submitted for the client’s approval. A working schedule, budget is prepared while the team brainstorms the client brief.
Concept and Planning
This is where the client’s message, product attributes, target audience, market strategy, competitors and other USPs are scrutinized and debated creatively.
Design, Prototype, and Specification
This phase involves the creativity, coordination and inspirational aspects of designing. The ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ are keenly discussed and re-discussed until the right solution is found. A number of prototypes are developed and experimented. At the same time, the Web Team studies the interfaces, while the Film & TV and Animation Teams flesh out the storyboards.
At this stage, last-minute changes by the client may occur and these are immediately addressed and rectified. The whole project may be send back to the concept and planning stage. Once the project gets under way, it is ‘built’ into temporary ‘builds’ which goes through alteratione before being labeled as ‘Alpha 1, 2, 3’ etc. The final stage involves a series of tests before being integrated into Beta ‘builds’.
Testing and launch
Testing here does not refer to User Testing but to Component Testing or Quality Assurance. Every element, link is checked on page by page in every browser / platform. Video and animations are checked frame by frame and labeled as ‘Beta 1, 2, 3’. The production matrix from the previous phase is now reused as a testing matrix.
Here, once the testing phase is over, the project is launched. The project, however, is not over yet as the site must be upgraded with new content and interactions as long as it is ‘live’. In some instances, minor additions can be added on seamlessly, but major ones must be carefully done and may require going back to the concept stage for a ‘new design cycle.’